Company Profile

OCTOBER 23, 2012

Abul Hossain

Abul Hossain
B.Sc Engg. (Civil) – BUET, FIEB, MBA
Managing Director
TEC – Shetu Group
[The Engineering Consultants Ltd.]



Dear Visitors,

During the last decade of twentieth century, all countries in the world faced a common historic mission of striving to create a peaceful co-operative and developing new world. Bangladesh, the largest populated developing country in the world, has taken up a new look after more than dozen years of reform and opening to outside world and is making its due contribution to world peace and global economy prosperity and development. The Engineering consultants Ltd. (TEC) is advancing for economical development of Bangladesh.

In the past 25 years, the TEC has provided Bangladesh with excellent and highly efficient geological and engineering technology services with its experience and strength. 38 projects have been completed by its limited resources resulting economic and social improvement of the country that are being appreciated by the people of Bangladesh. On behalf of all the staff of TEC, I would like to extend my cordial regards to our entire friends for their co-operation and assistance in procurement of contracts and implementation of projects.

On entering into the 21st century, we find this world full of challenges and opportunities which are to be faced by forming joint venture with different highly experienced national and international companies for upgrading their capacity by sharing resources. As the legal representative of the TEC, I wish to say our old and new friends that we are full of confidence to meet the demands of the times. TEC is advancing towards the goal of industrialization, conglomeration and internationalization. As always, I will keep faith, make friends extensively, co-operate sincerely and continue to provide domestic and foreign clients with quality of services quickly and on priority basis and make efforts for global prosperity abiding by contracts assign guaranteeing quality, low profits and friendship first.